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Learn About Crypto IQ Consulting, Our Founder, And Our Mission.

Crypto IQ Consulting is dedicated to empowering the novice and ordinary person with knowledge to navigate the cryptocurrency industry and invest in one of the most advanced technologies since the internet.

Why Choose Crypto IQ

Crypto IQ Consulting will answer all your blockchain and cryptocurrency concerns as well as educate you on how to invest in this industry the smart way. Crypto IQ Consulting will provide personal consultations for all your crypto needs as well as provide you with the necessary education material for your convenience.

Everything You Need To Know About Crypto

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Basics

Don’t know the difference between bitcoin or blockchain? Let us demystify the industry and help you understand the technology before investing.

Current Information On Bitcoin, Ethereum, And Altcoins

With over 5,500 altcoins in existence, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest information.

Software & Hardware Wallet Setup

Let us educate you on the differences between software and hardware wallets.

Exchange Setup & Training

We'll show you how to sign up, verify your identity, and navigate exchanges.

Transferring Coins To Wallets

Learn how to move assets between exchanges and wallets and how to properly move assets to avoid loss of funds.

How To Invest

We can teach you where and how to purchase your cryptocurrencies. With so many exchanges available, we can educate you on the NYS compliant and regulated exchanges.

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